Spend and Procurement Analytics

Increase visibility into your corporate procurement and spend processes including supplier performance, direct and indirect spend patterns, cost savings opportunities and other industry leading KPIs.

Improved Spend Management with Smart Spend Analysis

Supplier overview

Spend Profile

Compliance and leakage

Benefits of Procure and
Spend Analytics Solution

92% of CPOs want to identify Cost Reduction opportunities
Increase Compliant Spend which is usually as
low as 40% to 60%
Typically, ROI is achieved within 6 o 8 weeks
of having detailed level spend visibility
Customers of Spend Analytics solutions are
able to negotiate additional 6% to 12% of
on contracts

Go the Extra Mile

Scheduled Indicators

Broadcast your Key Indicators in a scheduled basis to make timely decisions.

Free Additional KPIs

Get additional KPIs specific to your business developed for free.

Data Enrichment

Integrated with external sources to enrich your internal data.


Cognifyd Spend Analytics can be fully integrated with all major ERP Cloud and On Prem Applications.  Integrations can also be enabled for Industry specific and custom in-house ERPs.

Analyze your spend patterns and identify short and long term Savings Opportunities