Cognifyd Use Cases

Manufacturing and Distribution

A Manufacturing & Distribution customer was struggling to identify which business factors were driving their product’s gross margins, leading to a lack of understanding of product rationalization and sales opportunities.

Cognifyd Revenue and Margin Analytics helped integrates our customer’s multi-sourced supply chain data and provide real-time analysis. Utilizing Cognifyd’s interactive dashboards and reports to measure out-of-the-box and customer-defined (KPIs), they were able to identify opportunities and poorly performing product lines and improve gross margins.

Financial Services

A Financial Services customer had historically relied on a spreadsheet-based system to manage procurement events based on data extracted from their ERP. With the material expansion of Purchasing volume, they needed a more scalable platform to manage their rapid growth.

Cognifyd Spend and Procurement Analytics enabled our customer to modernize their Procurement processes, proactively identify savings opportunities, manage risk and provide insight to optimize the organization’s buying power. They improved visibility into corporate spend, drove performance improvement, contract compliance, and cost savings.


A Retail customer was experiencing difficulty in understanding which customers within their diverse customer base to target for follow up campaigns versus those associated with on-time, opportunistic transactions.

Cognifyd Retail Analytics helped our customer create snapshots of their target demographics. By correlating sales data, they can now identify their ideal customers based on multiple categories such as age, preferences, buying patterns, and location. Also, they can determine the profitability of channels and which promotions have a better ROI.

Tech Startup

A Startup Technology customer was challenged with delivery of technology projects utilizing a mix of full-time employees and subcontractors. The rapid growth of delivery expectations placed them in a reactive mode with little visibility to overall operations performance.

Cognifyd Operational Analytics helped our customer track the efficiency of Operational delivery to include resource utilization, resource mix, margin analysis, service delivery timing overall delivery quality/customer satisfaction.


A Healthcare customer was struggling to create and sustain the focus, response time and problem insight the customers expect. They needed new insights into customer behavior and to create more intelligent processes.

Cognifyd Customer Analytics helped our customer provide excellent customer experiences at a decreased service-cost per customer. Cognifyd enabled our customer to improve speed-to-service, increase in digital conversion rate and increase overall customer satisfaction.

Medical Devices

A Medical Devices customer was struggling to identify how the business was spending its money. Over many years, the categorization of spend transactions had become inaccurate, time consuming and extremely manual.

Cognifyd Spend Classification Analytics allowed the company to harmonize all purchasing transactions to a single taxonomy, enabling procurement to gain visibility to the enterprise’s spending leading to intelligence driven sourcing decisions. Cognifyd’s Machine Learning based Spend Classification allowed for a ‘low touch’, cost effective approach to classification /categorization.